Giving flowers to your partner for an anniversary is a traditional gift. Giving flowers to friends or relations on special anniversaries is also common practice, but did you know that you can specifically match the flowers to the anniversary instead of just buying a generic bunch of flowers from your local florist?

Just as anniversaries have meanings 1st anniversary paper, 25th silver, 50th gold etc, each anniversary also has a specific flower. You could even mix in the flower for the month of the anniversary to really make your gift special.

The first anniversary flower is the pansy, the second is cosmos, third is fuchsia, the fourth is geranium, fifth is daisy, sixth is calla lily, seventh is jack, eighth is clematis, ninth is poppy, tenth is daffodil, eleventh is morning glory, twelfth is peony, thirteenth is hollyhock, fourteenth is dahlia, fifteenth is rose. Then we jump to the twentieth which is Day lily, the twenty fifth is Iris, twenty eighth is orchid, thirtieth is sweet pea, fortieth is nasturtium and fiftieth is violet.

The flower for January is the carnation, February is violet, March is jonquil, April is sweet pea, May is lily of the valley, June is rose, July is larkspur, August is gladiolus, September is aster, October is calendula, November is chrysanthemum, and December is poinsettia.

Every flower also has an assigned meaning and with a little research you can find the flower that expresses just what you want to say. This knowledge will enable you to truly personalize your gift of flowers as you will be able to order a floral bouquet or display containing the flowers applicable to the specific anniversary, the month and also your sentiments such as love, adoration, or in the case of friends friendship or admiration to name but a few.

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